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Undocumented Moments


Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

It’s been a pretty great weekend here so far!

Last night the hubby and I went on an actual date. Away from home. Without the girls.

Guys. This hardly ever happens.

But it was much needed and we were lucky to have Cameron’s sweet cousin help with the babes.

Anyway, we went to dinner and a comedy show in Provo.

I love Provo. And driving down University Avenue gets pretty nostalgic for us.

So many fun memories! With roommates. Dance parties. College life.

We talked about how irresponsible we were and how our bodies were literally sustained on Yogurtland.

As we were waiting for the show to start, I told Cam, “This is so nice! We should do this more often.”

For a second we grew quiet, then turned to each other at the exact same time and said, “I miss them!” We laughed in unison.

Yes, dates are great and it’s fun to reminisce about life when responsibilities were few. But we wouldn’t trade being parents for the world. These girls. They complete us. They are us.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I didn’t get pictures of us out on this monumental date.

And I failed to snap some shots of the pretty pink oatmeal I made my toddler the other morning (I was so proud of myself for coming up with this–Pinterest free!).

Or the time we played catch and blew bubbles in the backyard while the sun was out this week.

Or this morning’s breakfast outing as a family.

It just got me thinking. About how great moments like this are. Not pictured. Unwritten. Undocumented.

Without fretting if the kids are looking at the camera or if I’m actually changed out of sweat pants.

It’s a tough one for me… because I clearly love to document. I adore looking back on old photos in general and I think it’s important for my family and posterity.

But maybe it wouldn’t be so catastrophic if I put the camera down? Maybe my kids would remember a childhood full of adventure and wonder and fun without having the pictures to prove it?

I want to preserve as much as can, yes. But not if it takes time away from making such memories.

So nope. I don’t have pictures to show for this weekend. But here are some cute ones of the girls at the park with Daddy last weekend. He said it was so funny to watch Lil Sis crawl after and try to keep up with Big Sis.


I want to live for and be in these moments. The real life candid ones. The ones behind the scenes where I hold my husband’s hand as we watch our daughters grow by the second.


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